Industrial Air Blast Equipment

Industrial Blast Rooms

Blast Cleaning Technologies air blast rooms can be custom designed for your application requirements.  Our air blast designs are flexible and allow for a versatile and cost effective operation.  In particular if a process or production requirements change, the system can be easily upgraded or modified.  All blast room designs are selected to accommodate the size and weight of your work pieces and volume of work to flow with your existing plant layout or engineered for a completely new facility.

Our Air Blast Cabinet Selection Process Includes:

  • Air Blast Room Size (largest part to be blasted)
  • Type of Door and Configuration
  • Abrasive Reclaim System
  • Material Handling Process
  • Manual or Suction Blast System

We work with each customer to determine the best material handling method for your shot blasting requirements.  These methods range from simple fork lift access to cranes, monorails or work car tables.

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