Railcar Shot Blast Rooms

Railcar Blast room

All Blast Cleaning Technologies -  Air Blast Rooms are HD constructed and designed to suit the requirements of our customers.  Various door designs are available including swing, bi-fold and powered roll up type doors.  Work doors include labyrinth seals and a rubber sweep seal to allow for irregular floors providing a good seal to keep the blasting abrasive in the cabinet.

Key Air Blast Features Include:

  • Air Blast Room is HD constructed and dimensions are typically 20’wide x 22’high and 80’ long.
  • HD Overhead Monorail Support Structure
  • Doors on each end of the room, complete with frames, heavy duty hinge assemblies and limit switches
  • Man door interlocks with visual inspection windows, limit switches, emergency light package and back up.
  • Air inlet and exhaust plenums designed for end to end ventilation.
  • Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures are swing out style for ease of maintenance
  • Separate Light Breaker Panel
  • Catwalk Assemblies with safety railing along the entire length with access stairs on each catwalk.
  • Full Recovery System with screw augers and hopper assemblies
  • Heavy Duty Elevators
  • Blast Pots for Non Stop Touch up
  • Man load bar grating

Options Include:

  • Air Vacuum System
  • Life Alert System