Conversion Kits for BD Wheels

Conversion Kits for BD Wheels
BD Wheel Conversion Breakout

Key Features
• Tapered Ellipse Blade Design (2.5” Blade)
• Improved Balance with Single Piece Wheel Design
• Made of Premium Alloy Chrome Iron
• Reduced Weight from 60 lbs to 28 lbs
• Eliminates the Two Piece Hub and Wheel Design – Outlasting Old Design
• Heavy Duty Impeller – 50 % Heavier than Standard BD
• Improved Cage Adapter Provides Longer Life and Improved Fit
• NuckleSaver™ Blade Installation Tool
• Variety of Wheel Diameters, Speeds and Configurations
• Easy Maintenance –Saving on Overall Costs and Downtime

Kit Includes
• Super BDM Hub Seal Upgrade
• e-Wheel
• e-Blades
• NuckleSaver™ Index Ring
• NuckleSaver™ Wear Plate
• Control Cage
• Impeller
• Impeller Bolt
• High Collar Lock Washer ¾”
• Feed Spout Seal
• Control Cage Adapter Upgrade