Dual Shot Blast Wheels

Dual Wheels

Blast Cleaning Technologies e-Wheel® is the next evolution in shot blast wheel technology.  Specifically designed for upgrading existing shot blast machine wheel units, an e- wheel upgrade provides you with improved performance, lower, maintenance costs, improved motor life and patented tools that simply make the e-wheel, the easiest shot blast wheel to maintain in the industry today.

Our Dual e-Wheel® design is robust and has been used to upgrade Tumble Blast Machines in all industries.  Our results speak for themselves:

  • Reducing Cycle Times by Over 50%
  • Brighter, cleaner castings
  • Eliminating the need of an additional shot blast machine
  • Enhancing equipment to clean new products

Our design includes the following:

Two (2) 30e160 Wheel units with M-Series Housing

Two (2) 50hp e-Pact efficient 3600 RPM motors with Blast Cleaning Technologies premium seals

Shot blast wheels are mounted on a 1” thick manganese roof plate

Two (2) Low profile abrasive control valves, feed lines and adapters