E-Wheel Technology - The Next Revolution

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The e-Wheel™ is the next evolution in blast wheel technology from Blast Cleaning Technologies. Specifically designed for upgrading existing wheel units, an e-wheel upgrade provides you with improved performance, lower maintenance costs, improved motor life and a few patented tools that simply make the e-wheel, the easiest wheel to maintain in the industry.

The e-Wheel is robust, designed for the absolute toughest applications, smart design improvements that you can relate to. We offer a full range of wheel diameters, ranging from 13.5” to 26” with varying speeds and configurations.

e-Wheel blade sizes

e-Wheel Disk
The e-Wheel bare wheel is cast from a high grade, case hardened steel for long life even in the most difficult applications. Precision balancing and patent pending continually tapered elliptical slot provide for the smoothest running wheel available today.

e-Wheel Disk Blades
Tapered Ellipse Blade
The blade was designed with a patent pending continually tapered ellipse blade lock requiring no mechanical means to hold the blade in position. The continual taper provides for easy installation and even more importantly, easy removal of each blade.

The patent pending NuckleSaver™ is designed to provide a quick and safe method of installing the blades without “breaking your knuckles”. Any experienced maintenance crew will quickly see and enjoy the benefits of this simple yet very smart tool.

e-Wheel Disk