M2 Series Shot Blast Wheel

M2 Wheel Assembly
M2 ewheel Assembly

  • 14”, 15.5” Diameter, 3600 RPM 10 to 75 HP
  • Velocity 280 or 305 ft/second
  • Extreme-Duty Design for the Toughest Applications
  • Precision Machined Housing is Constructed of AR 500 and Manganese Steel
  • Fully cast lined shot blast wheel with cast chrome housing liners
  • e-Wheel™ and NuckleSaver™ Technology
  • Machined tolerances for perfect vibration free fit-up
  • Direct bolt-on replacement for Wheelabrator®, Ezefit™ and Autoblast™shot blast wheels
  • Vibration Tested
  • Guaranteed Parts Availability, Same Day Shipment