M-22 Tumble Blast Machine – Heaviest Duty Shot Blast Equipment Available

M22 Tumbleblast

M-22 Tumble Blast System – Heaviest Duty Equipment Available

The Blast Cleaning Technologies design is engineered and designed to achieve:  productivity, life, durability and maintainability. Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Key Items Include:

  • Cabinet constructed of 1/2” Plate with Heavy Structural Reinforcement
  • Multiple side cabinet maintenance access doors for ease of maintenance
  • Manganese flights cast from HIGH-GRADE 11-14% manganese steel and high alloy steel links
  • Heavy-Duty manganese cabinet lining to include 1” thick manganese barrelhead liners, inner liner plates, 3 piece manganese barrelhead seal
  • Extreme-Duty Load Door constructed of 1” thick and ½” thick Heavy Manganese Plate
  • Greatly improved top door and side seal arrangement for actual shot retention – Our machine is designed to retain the abrasive inside the shot blast machine.
  • Blast Cleaning Technologies e-wheel technology: Features: Nucklesaver, M-3 Series shot blast housing, top pivot lid with M-Lok design and EPACT 3600 RPM motors with front seal system.
  • 10x30 Elevator Assembly in AR Steel and High Capacity Elevator Assembly
  • 60” Wide Separator with Heavy Duty Rotary Screen
  • Full Access Platform and Ladder
  • Shot blast parts and service availability – 24/7

Options Include:

  • Hydraulic Pivot Loader
  • Magnetic Separation System
  • Floor Mounted Separation System
  • GKC Heavy-Duty Two-Way Unload Conveyor
  • Lower Reclaim Shaker (in lieu of Screw)
  • Automatic Abrasive Adder