Monorail system

Monorail shot blasting equipment provides for parts to be suspended from an overhead monorail and passed through the shot blast cabinet.  The number of shot blast wheels vary depending on line speed and blast cleaning specifications required.  Our shot blasting equipment designs include improved slot seal arrangements, extended vestibules for abrasive retention and improved finger seals for reduced parts hanging on the seals.
The Blast Cleaning Technologies design is engineered and designed to achieve: productivity, life, durability and maintainability. Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Key Shot Blast Items Include:

    • Shot Blast Chamber constructed of ½” thick manganese steel
    • Premium M-Cast Hanging liners that eliminate traditional studs and cap nuts
    • Cabinet seals designed for a tighter seal and allow smaller parts to pass
    • Fully enclosed M-slot seal system that eliminates abrasive loss
    • M4 e-Wheel™ design – heaviest duty, low RPM blast wheel
    • Floor Mounted Separation System with airwash separators
    • Screw reclaim and high capacity elevators
    • Electrical Control System with panel view and operators station

    Monorail Systems

    Full Blast System Options Include:

    • Blast Cleaning Technologies Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector
    • Automated Blow Off System
    • Load Doors in lieu of seals
    • Vibratory Reclaim in lieu of screw reclaim system
    • Industrial Air Vacuum System for abrasive removal
    • Shot Adder
    • Blast system monitoring