Spinner Hanger

Spinner Hanger

Spinner Hangers used for Shot Blasting

Blast Cleaning Technologies System is designed around a four (4) wheel continuous Spinner Hanger cabinet provides for parts to be suspended from an overhead fixture and passed through the shot blast cabinet.  This system utilizes three independent powered trolleys that provide travel for the dual hoists mounted in unison with the trollies.

Castings are loaded onto the elevated heavy-duty perforated load zone. The operator hooks the appropriate work fixture, hooking the part or casting and raises the casting to the trolley load point.  Hooks, chain and fixture racks are installed based on each project layout.

Spinner Hanger 2

Key Shot Blasting Features Include:

  • Blast chamber constructed of 1/2” Thick Manganese Steel
  • Powered trolley/hoist assemblies in a loop system
  • Premium M-Cast Hanging Liners that eliminate traditional studs and cap nuts
  • M3 e-Wheel™ design wheels with abrasive valves
  • Full Cabinet Access for ease of maintenance
  • Floor Mounted Separation System with airwash separators
  • Screw reclaim and high capacity elevators
  • Electrical Control System with panel view and operators station
  • Full Shot Blast System Monitoring
  • Full access to wheels and reclaim system

Spinner Hanger 3