Mobile Blast Wheel Demo Van

BCT is excited to announce their mobile blast wheel demo van has hit the road… [Read More]

Visit us at FABTECH 2021

Blast Cleaning Technologies is attending Fabtech 2021 in Chicago, IL. This event is scheduled for… [Read More]

1st Order of our new M5A Twistlok Wheels

BCT has been hard at work improving and updating our blast wheel product line. We… [Read More]

Mobile Blast Wheel Demo Van

June 2021

BCT is excited to announce their mobile blast wheel demo van has hit the road in the south-eastern United States. This demo van features our latest blast wheel technology, our TwistLOK M3A and M5A e-Wheel™. BCT is coming to you for all your blasting needs. Call BCT today to schedule an on-site demonstration!

BCT Demo Van


Visit us at FABTECH 2021

May 2021

Blast Cleaning Technologies is attending Fabtech 2021 in Chicago, IL. This event is scheduled for September 13th – 16th, 2021. BCT will be showcasing our new e-Wheel™ technology. Our recently improved M3A and M5A wheels will be here! Along with our premium engineered TwistLOK™ technology and our drum blast system.

BCT specializes in providing high-quality blast cleaning equipment, upgrades, and rebuilds for any make of blast system to fit your individual needs. We hope to see you at Fabtech 2021!

Visit us at booth: D45547

Learn more about the event here:

BCT Booth


1st Order of our new M5A Twistlok Wheels

April 2021

BCT has been hard at work improving and updating our blast wheel product line. We recently released our updated M5 wheel, called the M5A, and we received our first order for 4 M5A wheels this week. These wheels pack some great new features!

All the features of the original M5:

  • BCT TwistLOK control cage adapter
  • XT Tool Steel tune-up kit components
  • Fabricated Manganese housing
  • Pin-On top liner with custom molded urethane seal
  • Pivoting lid for safety and ease of service
  • Low profile design and D-Flange Mounted Motor for simple retrofits

Along with the additional updates to improve performance and serviceability:

  • Wedge style end liner retention eliminates all pins and threads
  • Improved end liner and top liner sealing to reduce dusting and housing wear
  • Integrated control cage adapter ring reduces parts count and eliminates wear points
  • Control cage adapter liner for increased cage adapter and housing life
  • Lower profile than original M5 design for better blast patterns and easier service

Inquire about our new M5A wheels today!

Call: (877)355-7577

M5 Twistlok

Blast Cleaning Technologies is Hiring!

March 2021

Join our fast-growing business and make an impact in the blast cleaning industry today! BCT is hiring for a Journeyman Electrician, Project Manager, Laser Helper and Material Handler, Mechanical Designer, Manufacturing Process Technician, Document Change Coordinator, Assembler, Electrical Panel Builder, MIG Welder – Second Shift, and Customer Service and Inside Sales Representative.

If you know anyone that is qualified for one of the positions listed, or you are interested in applying - Please apply here:

BCT is Hiring

Our Augers Are Custom To Your Needs!

February 2021

Our base augers are made from heavy wall DOM tubing or scheduled pipe. This allows us to design augers to meet all applications. BCT designs our augers to be capable of 30-foot length without the need for hanger bearings. One-piece machined billet steel drive and idler shafts! Our shafts are fully seamed, and plug welded making them super durable. These augers have less than ¼ inch run out and standard ¼ inch thick AR400 sectional flighting. We can make an auger that fits your individual needs.

To learn more about our augers, contact BCT!



Have You Inspected Your Cabinet Liners Recently?

January 2021

With the limited time available to inspect and maintain your blast equipment, its critical to monitor the gradual day to day wear.  Blast equipment can be very self-destructive if not timely and properly maintained. 
Maintaining your liners reduces:

  • Unplanned down time
  • Abrasive loss
  • Safety issues
  • Collateral damage

All liners will wear out!  It is important to routinely inspect the liners and determine where the wear is coming from.  We recommend liners be scheduled for replacement or relocation whenever any portion of the liner is worn to 50% of its original thickness.  Worn cast liners can be swapped/relocated with each other to extend usable life.  Cracked or broken liners should be scheduled for immediate replacement.

BCT keeps plenty of replacement parts in stock that can be shipped the same day you order! We can even do custom manganese liner cutting on our laser to fit your desired machine. Give us a call today to get some replacement liners.

BCT Liners


Customer Orders Another Eight Wheels!

Customer Success Story - December 17th, 2020

ISSUE: Customer contacted BCT because their (12) high-speed BCP Autoblast™ wheels were no longer keeping up with their production. 

SOLUTION: BCT surveyed the application and the customer purchased (8) M5 low speed eWheels™. 
It is great to see that our customers are benefiting from our equipment’s efficiency, durability, and advanced technology.  They have reported back the following:

  • Lower parts cost due to low-speed operation
  • Reduced abrasive consumption due to low-speed operation
  • Less blast cabinet wear due to low-speed blast wheels and better blast targeting
  • Largest blast pattern eliminates the need for 4 center wheels
  • Significant energy savings going to low-speed premium efficient motors
  • Common wear parts with existing M5 wheels to reduce spare parts requirements
  • Reduced maintenance requirements due to fewer wheels and better component life

Our e-Wheels™ are the technology of the future and in high demand! All our wheels come with our TwistLOK™ technology that eliminates hardware! That means no more threads! Contact us today to learn how our e-Wheels™ can improve your business today.



BCT Takes 40 Minutes Off Drum Cycle Time!

Customer Success Story – December 2020

ISSUE: Customer contacts BCT because they were having multiple problems with a competitor’s drum:

  • Cone wears often
  • Long cycle times – 140 minutes or more
  • Flat parts do not tumble well in the OEM ridge – poorly designed drum
  • Drum drive design is high maintenance
  • A tight drum band round tolerance required along with it being concentric to the shaft within .06”

SOLUTION: BCT was successfully able to help improve this drum in a few different ways:

  • Design a wedge/pod to mount the wheel to offset the pattern to the right. This will focus the blast on the parts and not the cone, reducing wear and cycle time
  • Increase the blade length from 14” to 16” and utilize Wave Blade Technology™
  • Redesign drum to a one-piece welded design eliminating pinch points and improving the tumbling action by using engineered tumble ridges

BCT considers this drum to be a huge win for the company as we highlighted our solution to resolve issues and reduce blast cycle times!


drum2020 2020druma

Join Blast Cleaning Technologies at Forge Fair 2021 in Detroit, MI

Company News – December 2020

Updated: As stated earlier this week, Blast Cleaning Technologies is planning on attending Forge Fair this next year. This event was originally scheduled for May 18th – 29th, 2021. BCT was just notified that it will be rescheduled for October 26th – 28th, 2021. With lingering COVID-19 concerns, many people might not be able to fly in for the event in May. The chairman of the FIA, Mike Gill said, “We owe it to our exhibitors and membership to put on the best Forge Fair we can, so today FIA’s board made the decision to move Forge Fair to October 26th -28th, 2021 – still at the TCF Center in Detroit.” Blast Cleaning Technologies is still planning on attending this event. Please mark your calendars for the new show dates and please visit us at Booth #431. Do not forget to visit our booth #431!

Blast Cleaning Technologies is coming to Forge Fair 2021 in Detroit, MI! See why BCT has grown to be a top leader in the blast cleaning industry. We have better engineered solutions to common problems that many competitors do not address. BCT puts safety, quality, and efficiency first when engineering our equipment. We strive to make the impossible… POSSIBLE!

BCT has advanced and custom solutions to our shot blasting equipment, e-wheels, upgrades, shotblast parts, and services. With top of the line customer service, you will always come first! Do not miss our Booth #431 to learn more about our latest TwistLOK™ e-Wheel Technology and Drum Blast Systems. 

Forge Fair 2021

BCT Covid-19 Update

Company Announcement - April 3, 2020

“During this difficult time, Blast Cleaning Technologies is committed to serving you and your business most safely and responsibly. We are adjusting business practices for the safety of our employees, customers, and vendors following the guidelines provided by the CDC.

We are taking the following measures to ensure that we can continue to maintain our business operations while not compromising the safety of our employees and the customers that we serve.

All on-site visitors to our facility must enter through the office and sign in. We are locking all shop doors and loading docks.

All employees will be taking part in the CDC recommended guidelines of washing hands frequently, avoiding touching their faces, cough and/or sneezing into your arm and maintaining the recommended social safe space.
We are cleaning and disinfecting our environments regularly.

We will continue to run our operation as normal. Operating hours are 6 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

We will continue to service our customers and follow all local, state and CDC guidance procedures. The health and safety of our employees and yours are a top priority for our company.

We recognize that many of you have put similar requirements into place to protect your employees and customers. Please communicate your guidelines to our employees to ensure we are all complying to meet your business requirements. We want to thank you for your business and support and will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.”

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