Mobile Blast Wheel Demo Van

BCT is excited to announce their mobile blast wheel demo van has hit the road… [Read More]

Visit us at FABTECH 2021

Blast Cleaning Technologies is attending Fabtech 2021 in Chicago, IL. This event is scheduled for… [Read More]

1st Order of our new M5A Twistlok Wheels

BCT has been hard at work improving and updating our blast wheel product line. We… [Read More]

Shot Blast Equipment Presentation at FABTECH 2018

Company News - October 2018

Please join us for FABTECH 2018, November 6–8, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Carl Panzenhagen, President of Blast Cleaning Technologies will present on “Reducing the Strain with Limited Maintenance Resources to maintain your Shot Blasting Equipment”

This presentation is geared to address one of the hardest areas in business today; finding and training employees to staff the finishing process with electricians, operators and maintenance workers.  Over 60% of the people filling skilled trades will retire within the next 12-15 years with a smaller less skilled workforce coming in. The more automation, the more people you need to work and operate the equipment.  The presentation will focus on new solutions in finishing and some maintenance friendly features available today for your existing shot blasting equipment as well as what to look for in new shot blast equipment designs.  This will focus primarily on wheel blast, but we offer many of the same maintenance friendly features for our air blast designs as well.
BCT presents on Shot Blast Equipment at Fabtech 2018

Fall 2018 Operation & Maintenance Seminars

Company News - July 2018

Back by popular demand, we have several Operation & Maintenance Seminars scheduled for the upcoming fall season. Call us today to get your team enrolled in an on-site training conducted by our skilled staff.

We conduct operation and maintenance training right at your facility, tailoring the information to your plant’s configuration and team’s needs.

Highlights Included:
 Understanding your shot blast process
 The five main components of your blast cleaning equipment
 Understanding your blast wheels and wheel efficiency
 Understanding your work handling system for your blast system
 Maintaining and setting your abrasive handling system
 Elevators and Separators
 Keys to controlling the abrasive operating mix for shot blasters
 Dust collector maintenance and safety tips

Contact us about scheduling an in plant training seminar: or call us at 877-355-7577.
On-site training seminars fall 2018 by blast cleaning technologies.

Make Plans to Visit us at FABTECH | November 6-8 | Atlanta

Company News - July 2018

Blast Cleaning Technologies will be exhibiting once again at FABTECH 2018 in Booth #B4929. Please
make plans to see us at the show where we’ll be showcasing new equipment features and designs to introduce you to our high production blast machines and work with you to achieve your shot blasting goals, while reducing the strain with limited maintenance resources.

We can also achieve many results with the improved proven solutions we have available for upgrades and rebuilds to existing shot blasting equipment. Make sure to see us in Atlanta in Booth #B4929
Blast Cleaning Technologies to Attend Fabtech Nov 2018 Atlanta, GA

Service Team Southeast and Midwest Expansion

Company News - July 2018

Blast Cleaning Technologies continues to expand our service team and offer our customers the best service support in the Shot Blasting Industry.  With the largest service fleet in the Blast Cleaning Industry, we continue to grow and strengthen our team to service all make and models of Shot Blasting Equipment.  We continue to grow our team mechanical and electrical team to continue to provide turnkey solutions.

Please call on us today for any of the following:
-Complete Analysis of Shot Blast Machine Operation.  We review the entire machine and pinpoint areas for potential cost savings. Examples include:  Cycle Times, Abrasive Consumption, Work Flow, etc.
-Upgrade your shot blast systems today – whether it’s mechanical or electrical, we’ve got you covered.
-Repairs, Rebuilds and Upgrades. Our programs are designed to maximize your equipment and optimize the performance of your shot blasting equipment. We will upgrade your equipment and use every appropriate innovation to guarantee improvement to production time and maintenance costs.
-Complete Analysis of the Work Handling System
-Complete Analysis of the your Air Wash or Magnetic Separation System
-Complete Analysis of the Dust Collection System. We can verify fan conditions, air volumes, air velocities and ductwork design and function.
-Blast Cleaning Technologies provides general instruction to maintenance, engineering and operators covering the fundamentals of shot blasting systems. Training is conducted at our location or we can easily bring the training on-site to your facility.

Blast Cleaning Technologies Service Team Expansion
Training conducted at our location orton-site at your facility.

Spring Operations and Maintenance Seminar Schedule

Company News - April 2018

Join us for our Spring Operations & Maintenance Seminar series for ensuring proper, safe, and efficient use of your blast cleaning equipment. You can find the schedule right here, at for a seminar in your area.  If you would like us to email our upcoming schedule, please send an email to and we will email directly to you.

Upcoming dates:

Register HERE.

Some highlights of the Seminar include:
Review the Basic Components of Wheelblast Equipment
Reading and Identifying Wear Patterns
Reading and Gauging Cabinet Wear
Lower Auger and Shaker Function
Elevator Function
Belt Tensioning and Tracking
Separator Functions – Upper Auger and Rotary Screen Function
Importance of Proper Operating Mix and much more!!
BCT Training Seminars for Improved Shot blast Efficiency
Operation and Maintence Seminars at Blast Cleaning Technologies

10 Ways to Improve Your Shot Blasting Operations

Industry News - February 2018

Efficiency and effectiveness are your aim when it comes to your shot blast equipment, but are you doing all you can to maximize those two components? We’ve provided 10 ways we can help your operations humming along at top, safe, effective speeds.

1. Call Blast Cleaning Technologies today to have a factory trained sale or service representative review your shot blast equipment.  We will need to know the scope of the project, current machine type, type of service requested, number of techs required, weekend or weekday request.

2. Depending on the make or manufacturer of your shot blast equipment, Blast Cleaning Technologies can offer you and alternative quote on replacement parts for your blast.
Premium O & M replacement components for shot blasting equipment , we can reference by part number,  blast wheel type, general component part numbers and description.  We provide replacement motors to customer every day, the best way to identify these is to take a picture of the serial name plate, send to us and we can cross reference.

3. For Wheelabrator® shot blast machines we have a very large offering of parts:
-Tune Up Kits for EZ Fit™, BD™, RLM™ and Autoblast wheels
-Blast Wheels Liners for the wheel housings.  Side, top and end liners
-Mill parts or all tumble blast machines – Rubber Belt and Steel Flighted mills ( complete flight and link assemblies)
-Screw conveyors
-Rotary Screen Assemblies
-Elevator Belt Assemblies
-Upgraded Separators

4. Complete Blast Wheel Conversions for all makes and models of shot blast machines.  We focus on the application and review the following:  current wheel type in operation, number of current blast wheels , current wheel diameter and horsepower, control cage being used, how is the wheel currently mounted and are there any obstructions.

5. Upgrade or rebuilds for your abrasive reclaim system ( direct drive elevators, direct drive separators, heavy duty augers and much more). We offer this for all makes and models of shot blast equipment.  We will review the current design and footprint of the current system, determine the shot size being used. Is the system adequately ventilated with good dust collection and proceed to determine the best system.

6. Complete Cabinet relining with the BCT’s latest hanging liners and design package.  The first question is what type of abrasive is being used Your abrasive operating mix directly affects the wear in your cabinet while steel grit is much for aggressive than steel shot.

7. Upgraded Abrasive Control Valves for all makes and models of shot blast machines.  We review how many valves are needed and review the angles and feed lines of each blast wheel.

8. Excellent quality parts at very competitive pricing and availability to keep your blast up and running.
Maintenance Tips
-Blade wear – knowing when to change tune up kits
-Setting your blast pattern
-Operating Mix
-Separator Settings
-Understanding Abrasive Wear Patterns
-Tracking your abrasive usage and loss
-Track your wheel efficiency – hours meters, amp gauge (calibration)

9. BCT works with each customer to determine the best shot blast solution to either rebuild, upgrade or look at new shot blast equipment to improve your operations. Our focus is on the process looking and gathering the following information:  Parts cleaning requirement, dimensions of the largest and smallest parts to be blasted, weight of largest and smallest parts, line speed, batch volume and productions goals, current blast process being used before and after blast and the shot size being used.

10. BCT works with each customer to look at paybacks and return on investment, call us today to work with you.  We review the current system, work handling and look at better ways to convey the work and improve your production goals.  The entire system is review looking at the 5 components of the equipment.
10 ways to improve shot blast equipment operations with Blast Cleaning Technologies


Shot Blasting Operation & Maintenance Training Seminar

Company News - January 2018

Be on the lookout for the 2018 Schedule for upcoming Blast Cleaning Technologies sessions on operating and maintaining your Shot Blast Equipment. Email us at if you have a specific city and state you would like to see us in.

Designed for the maintenance and operating personnel for your shot blasting needs.
Shot Blasting Operation and maintenance training seminars. Blast Cleaning Technologies in Wisconsin and nationwide.

80th Wisconsin Regional Foundry Conference and Expo

Company News - January 2018

Visit Blast Cleaning Technologies at our booth at the 80th Wisconsin Regional “Winning Strategies” Foundry Conference February 14-16, 2018 held at The Potawatomi Hotel and Casino.  We offer rebuilds and upgrades to all makes and models of existing shot blasting equipment, replacement parts and service. We also offer a full line of Shot Blast Equipment Systems for your Foundry needs.  Contact us with any questions about our products or services, or simply attend the show to chat in person.
Visit Blast Cleaning Technologies at the 80th Wisconsin Foundry Annual Conference at Potawatomi Hotel

BCT Attends Women in Finishing at Fabtech 2017

Company News - November 2017

Blast Cleaning Technologies attends the 1st annual Women in Finishing Reception sponsored by the Chemical Coaters Association at Fabtech 2017. It was a great turnout and an excellent way to meet other women in the Finishing and Blasting industry. Donna Gordon and Kasey Mylin attended the event for BCT.
Blast Cleaning Technologies attends Women in Finishing Fabtech Reception

BCT Receives Thanks from Air Force Service Man through Soldiers’ Angels

Company News - October 2017

Through an organization called Soldiers’ Angels, BCT joined The Deployed Adoptions Team (DAT) which is a team of dedicated Angels who support male and female service members deployed overseas in support of combat or humanitarian missions. The DAT goal is to ensure that no service member feels alone throughout their deployment.  BCT adopted 2 deployed soldiers, one in the Army in Afghanistan and one in the Air Force in Turkey. The requirement is to send one care package per month and one letter per week.  Charlie wrapped up his tour this month so our journey with him comes to an end and we will adopt another.

At the end of our time “sponsoring” Charlie, he sent the plaque with his thanks. While the plaque says it all, he also emailed the following:

I’m just so thankful that we have goodhearted honest Americans like you looking out for our well-being.

All I see on the news lately is these crazy tragedies that are taking place back home, and I can’t believe my eyes.  I look at BCT and know that at any moment if any one of us need anything we can count on folks like you.  I love the Midwest; I grew up in MN and am headed back to ND, back to where people are caring, trustworthy, and honest.

You deserve every bit of that simple gift, it doesn’t even begin to define how genuinely appreciative I am for all you’ve done.  Just know that the next person you sponsor will be as thankful as we have been, and hopefully your gifts find them in as good as spirits and as safely as they found me.

Thank you, and all the BCT staff.

This opportunity through Soldiers Angels means so much to our company. “It is truly and honor, in our small way, to support our troops and let them know we appreciate every minute they are away from home and their families.  Their sacrifice, and the sacrifice their families make is something every American should be thankful for.” Carl Panzenhagen, President of BCT.
Blast Cleaning Technologies receives plaque from Soldiers Angels Organization
Gift to Blast Cleaning Technologies from Soldiers Angels

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