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Iron Foundry Success with BCT

Customer Success Story - October 3, 2019


Busy iron foundry was experiencing cleaning issues with their old Autoblast® wheels.


  • Replaced (6) Autoblast® Wheels with BCT M3 e-Wheels™
  • Updated blast wheel wall and repositioned wheels for better angles of attack
  • Provided new MACV Abrasive Valves
  • Installed new 72” HE Magnetic Separator due to heavy sand volumes


  • Improved cleaning times 30-40% on all castings
  • Greatly improved overall blast coverage and part finish
  • Significant motor life improvement due to better alignment and bare wheel balance
  • Decreased maintenance downtime as wheels are so efficient


Iron Foundry BCT

BCT Waterjet

Company News - September 17, 2019

After moving to our bigger and better facility, Blast Cleaning Technologies wanted to focus on making as many parts as we could in-house. Prior to moving into facility, we would outsource materials to have them cut and then shipped in to be processed. Here at BCT, we want to be as hands-on as possible and make sure that we are giving our customers the best quality parts and equipment. When being outsourced BCT wasn’t able to have a hands-on approach in the first processing of our customers materials. Because of this, we installed our OMAX CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine in October of 2018.

Our waterjet can be programmed through a nesting software that aides in cutting any and all shapes and sizes up to a 10x20 cutting envelope. Most of the materials that we cut here at BCT are 1 inch thick, but we have the capability to cut material as thick as 6 inches. Waterjets do not induce any heat; this ensures that all our manganese steel is as strong as possible. When heat is applied to metal it changes the metal’s characteristics making it brittle and susceptible to breakage.

Other notable qualities about the Waterjet is that there are little to no wasted materials. Since the cutting is so precise, we can cut the products right next to each other with little to no gaping! Here at BCT we also recycle 100% of the water used by the jet.

Blast Cleaning Technologies investment will continue to prove as well as pay for itself with improved efficiency and quality!

BCT Waterjet

BCP® Eight Wheel Monorail Upgrade

Industry News - September 6, 2019

Industry: Fabrication
Application: Prep Weldments for Powder Coat
Required Finish: SSPC10 (Near White Metal)

  • Converted eight (8) 20HP BCP® 15” diameter Autoblast Wheels to BCT M3 e-Wheel Technology
  • Conversion simplified through use of BCT pre-engineered bolt-on adapter flanges that eliminated the need for cutting or welding
  • Increased uptime of blast machine due to ease of maintenance and reduced vibration through improved balance of the e-Wheel design
  • Significantly improved blast wheel motor life due to better alignment and balance
  • Improved overall part cleaning through focused blast pattern
  • Customer continues to look to BCT for all of its blast machine parts and service

BCP Eight Wheel Monorail Upgrade

Vertias Steel

Industry News - August 15, 2019

Veritas Steel is a leader in the bridge fabrication industry. Chances are you have driven over one of their many bridges including the Kentucky Lake Bridge in Benton, Kentucky and the Memorial Drive bridge in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Earlier this year Blast Cleaning Technologies assisted their Wausau, WI facility to upgrade their Wheelabrator™ Monorail Shot Blast Machine from out-dated belt driven blast wheels.  Veritas Steel decided to move forward and replace all eight wheels to our direct drive M3 TwistLOK™ eWheel™ and all eight abrasive valves to our MACV control valve assemblies. Our engineering team was able to utilize a pre-engineered adapter flange with a ½” thick Manganese steel flange inside the cabinet to repair damage near existing wheel openings. 

Veritas Steel

Veritas steel works very hard to meet or better their customer’s timelines. This meant we were not able to take the blast machine down during production hours to install the new blast wheels and valves. Our World Class Service Team installed the wheels over three weekends, ensuring the machine was back up and running for production each Monday morning.

The Wausau facility specializes in steel plate girders up to 10’ tall. The girders go from blast to paint and must have a specific profile for optimum paint adhesion. With the old belt-driven wheels, it would take 2-3 passes through the blast machine to achieve this profile. Since the upgrade to the direct drive TwistLOK™ eWheels™, most of their girders are clean after a single pass.

Veritas Steel Wheel

The return on investment will prove itself out and has already been shown to be paying for itself with improved efficiency and reduced maintenance.

Safety- It’s Our Job

Company News - August 2, 2019

This week our employees will be going through annual safety training.  It’s been proven that a strong safety culture at an organization results in a more engaged workforce, decreased injuries, higher productivity, improved attendance, and improves product quality.  As a manufacturer of world-class shot blast equipment founded on innovation and quality, we owe it to our employees and our customers to excel at everything we do, and that includes prioritizing safety in everything we do. 

Safety is our job

Our employees are the reason that Blast Cleaning Technology excels, and our goal is to instill safe work habits and provide a safe work environment that ensures our employees return home to their loved ones each and every day.

BCT Safety Class

Product Spotlight: M21 Drum Blast

Product News - October 2018

The Blast Cleaning Technologies M21 Drum Blast is great for castings and forgings.  It eliminates pinch points, and the design helps to reduce parts damage with proven results to reduce cycle times and maintenance. Contact us today for more information or check out our complete range of drum blast systems.

Equipment Features:
-3/8 “ steel blast cabinet
-24°-30ᵒ adjustable blast angle cabinet design
-Fully welded drum design with 3/8” drain holes
-Drum is driven by two heavy-duty polyurethane rollers (no chains and sprockets)
-Dual action hydraulic pivoting loader for maximum dump angle
-Loader has safety fencing and interlock package
-1- M3 TwistLOK™ e-Wheel™, 50 HP, 3600 RPM
-4000 series airwash separator
-Stairway and upper platform access and safety package
-Single point dust collection for easy installation
-Pre-wired with Allen Bradley HMI package

Blast Cleaning Technologies 21D Drum Blast

Learn About BCT Blast Cleaning Equipment at Fabtech 2018

Company News - October 2018

Blast Cleaning Technologies invites you to visit us at the upcoming Fabtech show in Atlanta, GA, November 6-8, 2018. We’ll be stationed in Booth B4929

We’ll have our experts on site to discuss:
The BCT full line of new equipment designs including:
-Roll Conveyors
-Spinner Hangers
-Wire Mesh Belts
-Tumble Blasts
-Drum Blasts
-Air Blast Designs
-Dust Collector Options for all types of equipment
-BCT TwistLOK e-Wheel designs with varying blast wheel horsepower and blast wheel diameters

Learn about our complete offering of options available to rebuild and upgrade your existing blast designs.  We also offer rebuilds for all makes and models of equipment.
Make sure to ask about our Blast Cleaning Tech Service Team, as we proudly offer complete equipment inspections that include recommendations and parts list to get your older equipment back to peak operating performance.
BCT Attends Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta

Shot Blast Equipment Presentation at FABTECH 2018

Company News - October 2018

Please join us for FABTECH 2018, November 6–8, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Carl Panzenhagen, President of Blast Cleaning Technologies will present on “Reducing the Strain with Limited Maintenance Resources to maintain your Shot Blasting Equipment”

This presentation is geared to address one of the hardest areas in business today; finding and training employees to staff the finishing process with electricians, operators and maintenance workers.  Over 60% of the people filling skilled trades will retire within the next 12-15 years with a smaller less skilled workforce coming in. The more automation, the more people you need to work and operate the equipment.  The presentation will focus on new solutions in finishing and some maintenance friendly features available today for your existing shot blasting equipment as well as what to look for in new shot blast equipment designs.  This will focus primarily on wheel blast, but we offer many of the same maintenance friendly features for our air blast designs as well.
BCT presents on Shot Blast Equipment at Fabtech 2018

Fall 2018 Operation & Maintenance Seminars

Company News - July 2018

Back by popular demand, we have several Operation & Maintenance Seminars scheduled for the upcoming fall season. Call us today to get your team enrolled in an on-site training conducted by our skilled staff.

We conduct operation and maintenance training right at your facility, tailoring the information to your plant’s configuration and team’s needs.

Highlights Included:
 Understanding your shot blast process
 The five main components of your blast cleaning equipment
 Understanding your blast wheels and wheel efficiency
 Understanding your work handling system for your blast system
 Maintaining and setting your abrasive handling system
 Elevators and Separators
 Keys to controlling the abrasive operating mix for shot blasters
 Dust collector maintenance and safety tips

Contact us about scheduling an in plant training seminar: or call us at 877-355-7577.
On-site training seminars fall 2018 by blast cleaning technologies.

Make Plans to Visit us at FABTECH | November 6-8 | Atlanta

Company News - July 2018

Blast Cleaning Technologies will be exhibiting once again at FABTECH 2018 in Booth #B4929. Please
make plans to see us at the show where we’ll be showcasing new equipment features and designs to introduce you to our high production blast machines and work with you to achieve your shot blasting goals, while reducing the strain with limited maintenance resources.

We can also achieve many results with the improved proven solutions we have available for upgrades and rebuilds to existing shot blasting equipment. Make sure to see us in Atlanta in Booth #B4929
Blast Cleaning Technologies to Attend Fabtech Nov 2018 Atlanta, GA

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