10 Ways to Improve Your Shot Blasting Operations

Efficiency and effectiveness are your aim when it comes to your shot blast equipment, but… [Read More]

10 Ways to Improve Your Shot Blasting Operations

Industry News - February 2018

Efficiency and effectiveness are your aim when it comes to your shot blast equipment, but are you doing all you can to maximize those two components? We’ve provided 10 ways we can help your operations humming along at top, safe, effective speeds.

1. Call Blast Cleaning Technologies today to have a factory trained sale or service representative review your shot blast equipment.  We will need to know the scope of the project, current machine type, type of service requested, number of techs required, weekend or weekday request.

2. Depending on the make or manufacturer of your shot blast equipment, Blast Cleaning Technologies can offer you and alternative quote on replacement parts for your blast.
Premium O & M replacement components for shot blasting equipment , we can reference by part number,  blast wheel type, general component part numbers and description.  We provide replacement motors to customer every day, the best way to identify these is to take a picture of the serial name plate, send to us and we can cross reference.

3. For Wheelabrator® shot blast machines we have a very large offering of parts:
-Tune Up Kits for EZ Fit™, BD™, RLM™ and Autoblast wheels
-Blast Wheels Liners for the wheel housings.  Side, top and end liners
-Mill parts or all tumble blast machines – Rubber Belt and Steel Flighted mills ( complete flight and link assemblies)
-Screw conveyors
-Rotary Screen Assemblies
-Elevator Belt Assemblies
-Upgraded Separators

4. Complete Blast Wheel Conversions for all makes and models of shot blast machines.  We focus on the application and review the following:  current wheel type in operation, number of current blast wheels , current wheel diameter and horsepower, control cage being used, how is the wheel currently mounted and are there any obstructions.

5. Upgrade or rebuilds for your abrasive reclaim system ( direct drive elevators, direct drive separators, heavy duty augers and much more). We offer this for all makes and models of shot blast equipment.  We will review the current design and footprint of the current system, determine the shot size being used. Is the system adequately ventilated with good dust collection and proceed to determine the best system.

6. Complete Cabinet relining with the BCT’s latest hanging liners and design package.  The first question is what type of abrasive is being used Your abrasive operating mix directly affects the wear in your cabinet while steel grit is much for aggressive than steel shot.

7. Upgraded Abrasive Control Valves for all makes and models of shot blast machines.  We review how many valves are needed and review the angles and feed lines of each blast wheel.

8. Excellent quality parts at very competitive pricing and availability to keep your blast up and running.
Maintenance Tips
-Blade wear – knowing when to change tune up kits
-Setting your blast pattern
-Operating Mix
-Separator Settings
-Understanding Abrasive Wear Patterns
-Tracking your abrasive usage and loss
-Track your wheel efficiency – hours meters, amp gauge (calibration)

9. BCT works with each customer to determine the best shot blast solution to either rebuild, upgrade or look at new shot blast equipment to improve your operations. Our focus is on the process looking and gathering the following information:  Parts cleaning requirement, dimensions of the largest and smallest parts to be blasted, weight of largest and smallest parts, line speed, batch volume and productions goals, current blast process being used before and after blast and the shot size being used.

10. BCT works with each customer to look at paybacks and return on investment, call us today to work with you.  We review the current system, work handling and look at better ways to convey the work and improve your production goals.  The entire system is review looking at the 5 components of the equipment.
10 ways to improve shot blast equipment operations with Blast Cleaning Technologies