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Veritas Steel is a leader in the bridge fabrication industry. Chances are you have driven… [Read More]

Vertias Steel

Industry News - August 15, 2019

Veritas Steel is a leader in the bridge fabrication industry. Chances are you have driven over one of their many bridges including the Kentucky Lake Bridge in Benton, Kentucky and the Memorial Drive bridge in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Earlier this year Blast Cleaning Technologies assisted their Wausau, WI facility to upgrade their Wheelabrator™ Monorail Shot Blast Machine from out-dated belt driven blast wheels.  Veritas Steel decided to move forward and replace all eight wheels to our direct drive M3 TwistLOK™ eWheel™ and all eight abrasive valves to our MACV control valve assemblies. Our engineering team was able to utilize a pre-engineered adapter flange with a ½” thick Manganese steel flange inside the cabinet to repair damage near existing wheel openings. 

Veritas Steel

Veritas steel works very hard to meet or better their customer’s timelines. This meant we were not able to take the blast machine down during production hours to install the new blast wheels and valves. Our World Class Service Team installed the wheels over three weekends, ensuring the machine was back up and running for production each Monday morning.

The Wausau facility specializes in steel plate girders up to 10’ tall. The girders go from blast to paint and must have a specific profile for optimum paint adhesion. With the old belt-driven wheels, it would take 2-3 passes through the blast machine to achieve this profile. Since the upgrade to the direct drive TwistLOK™ eWheels™, most of their girders are clean after a single pass.

Veritas Steel Wheel

The return on investment will prove itself out and has already been shown to be paying for itself with improved efficiency and reduced maintenance.