25E150 Lance Wheel Coversion

Lance Wheel Conversion Before Photo

Internal Railcar Cleaning

Machine Type
One (1) Wheel Hopper Car Cleaner

Project Scope
Rebuild existing 1980’s Lance Machine and reduces downtime, improve efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Redesigned Internal Lance to utilize two (2) 25e150 blast wheels direct driven on hydraulic motors, included was a new state of the art hydraulic power

Lance Wheel Conversion After Photo

pack to drive the blast wheels. Replaced entire abrasive reclaim system with Metcast designed and built heavy duty bucket elevators, augers and rotary scalping drum. Designed & installed state of the art Electrical Controls Package.


  • Reduced Blast Cycle Time 100-200%
  • Reduced Air blast Touch 300%
  • Improved Surface Finish Profile for Excellent Liner Adhesion
  • Increased Uptime by 50% due to Modular Design of Main Wear Components



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