Complete Blast Chamber and Wheel Modification

Complete Blast Chamber and Wheel Modification

High Production Grey and Ductile Iron Foundry

Machine Type
Pangborn® 8 Wheel Pass-thru Monorail

Project Scope
Increased machine production to accommodate larger parts and rebuilt cabinet with manganese wall and manganese liners. The abrasive storage hopper was modified in order to feed additional wheels, with a complete project installation in 4 days.

Designed and Created 2 key blast zones to clean specific areas in each blasting work envelope. The 1st blast zone is targeted to clean a specific area of the part and the 2nd blast zone is targeting another hard to clean area of the part. The machine was upgraded and modified from 8 blast wheels to 12 blast wheels.

• Enhanced equipment to clean new product mix
• Long life and easier replacement of cabinet liners
• Larger door openings with better seals
• Matched abrasive flow rates of reclaim capacity and improved blast coverage
• Reduced Blast Cycle Times

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