Pivot Panel Hydraulic Controls Conversion

Pivot Panel Before After

Waste Hauler Truck Body Manufacturer

Machine Type
Eight (8) Wheel Blastec Pass Thru Blast Room

Project Scope
Design, build and install new pivot bearing arrangement and actuator for blast wheel pivot panels. Improve control and versatility of blast panel focus as it relates to the work piece traveling through the machine. Provide recipe system to accommodate different types of truck bodies being cleaned.

Hydraulic Conversion Before After

Redesigned Blast Pivot Panel lower bearing to withstand the loading and environment. Designed and installed new hydraulic Pivot Panel Actuator utilizing hydraulic cylinders with position sensing, proportional valves to control speed and new electrical controls package utilizing latest PLC technology.

• Improved Overall Blast Coverage On Truck Bodies
• Reduced Air blast Touch-up By 40%
• Reduced Over blast and warpage of Truck Body Panels
• Eliminated Downtime Due To Pivot Bearing and Drive Failures

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