Rebuilding Slot Seal on Monrail System

Rebuilding Slot Seal on Monrail System

Foundry Flow Thru Spinnerhanger

Machine Type
20 year old BCP / Wheelabrator® Machine

Project Scope
Eliminate abrasive leaking from the machine slot seals and creating safety issues for the operators and people in the nearby area.

Design and Install a mechanical closing plate for the monorail slot seal to provide a positive seal and eliminate SAFETY ISSUES relating to airborne stray abrasive leaking from the old seals.

  • Eliminated old, outdated rubber and brush seals
  • Provided a traveling seal with the work hangers that captures abrasive

A custom-designed leak free mechanical sealing system that eliminates the maintenance of traditional monorail slot seals. SAFETY in the area is dramatically improved.

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