Drum Blast System

Drum System 1

The Blast Cleaning Technologies Drum Blasting Designs are engineered specifically for small to medium size parts that have difficulty cleaning by blasting in our traditional style tumble blast designs. Our shot blasting design reduces pinch points issues and parts damage is significantly reduced.

Wheel Blast Design Features Include:

  • Available in 4 different sizes – M-8D,  M-10D, M-12D, M-14D, M-18D,  M-30D and M-40D
  • Cabinet is constructed of ½” plate with heavy structural reinforcement
  • Maintenance Doors with M-Seal design
  • AR Lower Hopper and Upper Screw
  • Drum is manufactured of High Grade Manganese
  • Drum lined with Manganese
  • Blast Cleaning Technologies e-wheel features: Nucklesaver, M-2 or M-3 Series Housing, Top Pivot Lid with M-Lok Design and EPACT 3600 RPM Motors with front seal system.

Drum System 2

  • MACV – Cast Abrasive Control Valve
  • High Capacity Elevator Assembly of AR Steel
  • Airwash Separator or Magnetic Separation with AR Heavy Duty Rotary Screen
  • Full Access Platform and Ladder
  • Control Panel and Panel View Operators Station

Options Include:

  • M-HE4800 Magnetic Separator Assembly
  • Floor Mounted Separation System
  • Lower Reclaim Shaker (in lieu of Screw)
  • Automatic Abrasive Adder
  • Dust Collection System
  • Complete Turnkey Installation for Shot Blast Equipment
  • Trade In of Existing Shot Blasting equipment
  • Removal of Existing Shot Blaster

Drum System 3